MS Word Introduction (2010, 2013, 2016)

Become a Word power user. Suitable for all Word users or anyone new to the application. You will learn the foundations of Word.

  • Course overview

    This course starts you at the beginning of Word. You will gain a fast, practical and extensive knowledge of the powerful features of this package, and work learning how to build templates and documents using Word’s superb editing features. You will be able to enhance your document easily and quickly.

  • Requirements

    No prior knowledge is required

  • Certification

    At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Colleges Training Centre

  • Who would benefit

    If you’re about to start a new role in an office, this course is ideal for you.

  • Why take the Course

    To become proficient in Microsoft Word to be able to produce a wide range of different documents efficiently. This includes being able to organise and locate files created in Word and format documents such as Letters, Memos and Invoices.



  • Section 1: Getting Started with Word

    • Getting Started and Signing In (Where Appropriate)
    • Exploration of the Word Screen and the Ribbons and the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Changing the ribbon display options and customising the QAT
    • Using the New “Tell Me What You Want To Do” Help and Search Feature of 2016
    • Creating a New Document or Opening an Existing Document
    • Use of Templates
  • Section 2: Working With Text

    • Adding, editing and deleting text
    • Selecting text
    • Using find and replace
    • Using cut, copy and paste
    • Using undo & redo
  • Section 3: Formatting Text

    • Changing the Font Face, Size and Colour.
    • Applying Other Text Effects
    • Using the Format Painter
    • Clearing the Formatting
    • Using Themes
  • Section 4: Working with Paragraphs

    • Aligning and spacing paragraphs
    • Using Bullets and Lists
    • Using the Paragraph Dialog and the Ruler to control paragraph layout
    • Setting and controlling Tabs
    • Adding Borders
    • Using built-in Styles
  • Section 5: Working with Pages

    • Controlling Page Layout
    • Setting Margins.
    • Adding Page Numbering
    • Moving Text
    • Using Styles and the Navigation Pane to re-organise text
    • Adding Headers and Footers
    • Adding Watermarks
    • Page borders and colours
    • Cover Pages

    • Creating, saving and Inserting Auto text entries
    • Creating, saving and Inserting Quick Part Building Blocks.
  • Section 7: Adding Tables

    • Creating Tables
    • Adding Rows and Columns
    • Controlling Table layout
    • Using Table Styles
  • Section 8: Adding Graphics

    • Inserting Pictures
    • Inserting Shapes
    • Inserting SmartArt Diagrams
    • Inserting Screenshots
  • Section 9: Printing & Sharing

    • Using Spell Check.
    • Print Preview and Print Options
    • Using Document Inspector and Compatibility Checker
    • Saving the document
    • Saving to PDF format
    • Emailing as attachment.