NZEB Fundamental Awareness (CQ11726)


Since 1st January 2019 all new non-domestic buildings must meet the nearly zero energy standard.

Since 1st November 2019 all new build domestic buildings must meet the nearly zero energy standard.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: €400 per person includes Manual, Training & Certification

Programme Overview

This 1 day course aims to provide participants with the knowledge in the general principles and practices of Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB). Attendees of the course will attain a comprehensive overview of the fundamental requirements to achieve compliance with NZEB building energy standards.

Covering all aspects of the required building energy performances and how compliance needs to be demonstrated, the NZEB course recognises the benefits of ensuring a primarily fabric first approach to residential buildings balanced with the buildings heating and mechanical services, including contribution from renewable sources. Key topics include Insulation, Airtightness, Thermal Bridging and Ventilation, ensuring that attendees understand the importance of integrating all elements in a coherent manner to offer high quality comfortable buildings with good levels of air quality without causing undue risks with overheating or condensation.


Programme Content

  1. Induction
  2. The NZEB Concept & Principles
  3. Demonstrating NZEB Compliance
  4. Building Physics and Energy Performance
  5. The Benefits of achieving continuity of the building envelope
  6. Building Energy Services
  7. Communication and Interfacing


Who Should Complete this Programme?

Construction Industry Professionals who wish to gain fundamental knowledge of NZEB.