About Us

About ICTC Ireland

Since the establishment of the centre we have expanded and undertaken a number of developments, coupled with the ideal central location within the city. With state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that our students have a spacious and versatile learning environment.

ICTC is housed within a modern facility which houses the library and learning resource centre, a 20 terminal internet laboratory and state-of-the-art classrooms. There are a number of recreational facilities within walking distance as well as cafes and on-campus refreshments and common room facilities.


  • All courses follow the requirements of the relevant Irish and UK examination authorities and lead to qualifications awarded by professional bodies or degrees awarded by respective Universities. Each course has been carefully selected for its relevance to commerce and industry and for its international recognition as evidence of professional competence.
  • The student focus is one that is a truly Irish perspective and we look forward to welcoming students from all parts of the globe ensuring a diverse academic environment.
  • Students entering ICTC enjoy every practical incentive to succeed. ICTC is staffed by tutors of the highest quality and all students have access to an impressive range of specialist teaching aids including audio-visual equipment and modern computer facilities. Lecturers are chosen not just for their technical skills but also for their ability to impart their knowledge to others. They are entertaining and friendly, and always do their best to ensure that the course is as enjoyable as possible. In such a progressive environment students discover a new interest in learning, and new outlets for their natural potential.
  • ICTC is proud to present it's facilities and to announce that all classrooms have independently controlled heating & air-conditioning complete with whiteboards and digital projectors (which are linked to the College computer network), a computer room equipped with the latest flat-screen technology, an extensive library with reading room equipped with computer terminals for electronic learning, internet access and wifi, student services officer and student common room.