Mechanical Maintenance


Mechanical Maintenance

The training programme’s objective is to provide specialised training for Technical personnel employed by Oil Refinery Company’s. The training will enable the personnel to develop, enhance and increase their individual skills and knowledge in the areas of Mechanical Theory and Technology, as applied to the Oil & Petroleum Industry sector.

Training of this kind is essential and important to enlarge the core group of trained personnel with the Oil Refinery Company, thus enhancing operational capabilities and achieving corporate objectives. The training should be offered to more technical personnel within the company with a broad range of professional and engineering backgrounds in order to ensure that most employees with the Oil Refinery Company would have the required expertise thus leading to improved standards and overall performance for the company.

In order to maximise the potential and increase the effectiveness of the training we combine the following elements:-



  • Technical English Language                                

  • Safety & Emergency First Aid                      

  • Bench Fitting                                                           

  • Internal Combustion Engine                                   

  • Welding Techniques                

  • Maintenance of Plant & Machinery            

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics          

  • Plant Automated Control Systems  

  • Computer Applications                                            

  • Environmental Engineering              

  • Project Management